2016 Return 

Hey lovely followers! It’s been a very long time since I have been on.. Real life kicked me in the butt and I couldn’t handle it anymore. Everything is back to normal and I’m almost finished with school so I’m ready to get back to blogging!!! I’ve purchased so much makeup and I’m so excited to start reviewing!!!! I missed you all so much❤️ 

See you soon xoxo! 



Fiesta VoxBox || Influenster

Happy Labor day to all my American followers🔴⚪️🔵

Hey beauties, so i’m sure you’ve all heard about the famous “Influenster“website that everyone’s raving about now a days. If you haven’t it’s ok but I totally recommend you to check it out! All you do is review products of any kind to earn badges, respond to people’s questions and get recognized by influenster to receive the monthly box of different products as a campaign to review with a to-do list.

In August, I received the Fiesta VoxBox (for complimentary testing and reviewing purposes) and I was super excited because I didn’t even get an email, I just opened my mailbox and there was the box. I after got an email to “check in” my box and a to-do list (which I haven’t started) hehehe.. But here I am, to show you what I received & what I have actually used up till now.


  • Suave Skin Solutions $2.29 (10 oz)
  • Noº7 Beautiful Skin Normal/Oily Night Cream $14.99
  • Premier Protein Bar $1.99
  • New York Color’s Smooth Skin Bronzer $2.99
  • Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner $2.99 (travel size)


  • Arnold/Brownberry/Oroweat Healthful Bread up to $5.00 off
  • Free Daisy Sour Cream
  • Free Bloomin’ Onion Outback Steakhouse

    The New York Color’s Smooth Skin Bronzer had super soft texture, nice pigment and such cute design in it with their traditional packaging but it’s waaaaay to light for my skin tone so, i’ll probably save it for a future giveaway I have planned. STAY TUNED!!
 Not Your Mother’s hair products I heard are super awesome and moisturizing but i’m not really into trying hair products because of my sensitive scalp. I am saving them for my giveaway though! THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! ugh i’ve been using it ever since the day I got it every night right after cleansing. It claims to “energize and promote optimum hydration for healthy radiant skin”. I do agree with this, it has made my face look brighter and sort of even toned not with all the color patches I usually have around my cheeks. It is Hypo-allergenic and normal/dry skin which i’m oily but this didn’t seem to make me oily unless I didn’t cleanse in the morning. Totally recommend!!!!

I still haven’t tried out the Protein Bar but I will this week, If you want some info on it just let me know 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed ☺️





Happy Thursday & almost Friday!!!!!!

I know I’ve been gone for about 2 weeks and I’m really sorry about that it’s just been so hard for me these past weeks in school, I’ve had so much homework & studying to do. It breaks my heart not being able to blog because I love it soooo much. Today as I was scrolling down Facebook, I saw a post that said “Beauty Blender Bugs” when I saw bugs I automatically clicked it. This is the post from Seventeen Magazine and this is the Youtube video

It really grossed me out & had no idea that could even happen. I felt like I needed to let my awesome followers know & to check out there beauty blender just in case😖

Let me know if you find anything! (hopefully you don’t)



First Impression 

Happy Saturday my fellow bloggers!

My Saturday has been full on relax, TV & food since its been gloomy and ready to pour here in Orlando ⛅️

So, I decided I’d make a post about a little gift I received yesterday…..I was super excited to try out the Physicians formula organic wear CC mascara “ultra black” on my Asian lashes. The packaging claims to curl + care at the same time with 100% natural origin, 70% organic plus a 24 hour wear.

 ~These are my eyelashes after giving them a curl before mascara *Excuse my hideous eyebrows I’ve been trying to grow them out a little*. Once I opened the bottle, the scent of green tea just smacked me in the face, it was sort of refreshing.
  ~This is after one coat of the mascara. The second I opened the bottle, the scent of green tea just smacked me in the face, it was sort of refreshing. The application was pretty simple with the curved silicone brush, it does separate your lashes really well. The formula is not wet but not dry either. I was pretty impressed with it because my curl didn’t flop down automatically but it did sting for some odd reason on my lash line. The color does make my eye look brighter, awake, and more defined.

 ~This is after the second coat, which I regret because they started to stick together and I had to use a comb to separate them. I was still very impressed with how well my curl was held. After a couple of minutes I did notice they weren’t drying and sort of just got sticky so if you rub your eye the lashes will get stuck together.

In conclusion, I was impressed with how my curl was held, how defined my lashes looked, and that it didn’t have any clumps but I didn’t like the formula at all. It made my eye burn and it just never dried, it continued to stay sticky. I would recommend only using one coat because they look natural and not stuck together.

Hope you guys enjoyed!




Friday gifts 

 Good afternoon! TGIF😆

I kept my promise of trying super hard to blog on Fridays and Saturdays so here I am.

As I was walking home from the bus stop i spotted the mail man & wondered if I had anything waiting for me…i opened the mail box & BAMM a package!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much melissa meets makeup for your magic hat that chose my name for the giveaway 💗

Let’s begin!

On this lovely Friday & first week of school finally over!!!! I received 2 products from this giveaway.

  • Rimmel London Provocalips 16hr lip color in 200 “I’ll call you”

It was love at first sight for sure. I really liked the application brushes because it’s different from what I own & that it comes with 2 sides, one being the color and the other being step 2 “lock & shine” I sort of already tried it out that’s why the lock & shine looks weird but it’s originally clear and the product has a Vaseline like texture to it. The color is a little liquidy but it dries nicely and not too matte. It’s definitely perfect for the spring time! Later on I’ll try it out and see how long it actually lasts since it claims to be “16hr”

  • Physicians formula organic wear CC mascara in “ultra black” 

This mascara, i’m super excited to try out mostly because it claims to curl and care at the same time. I’m not really sure if it’s waterproof but I really hope so cause I have Asian lashes and can’t use anything other than waterproof. I’m planning a review for this so i’ll stay quiet and not spoil anything…..

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed! Have a makeup filled weekend 😝



Reasons I might disappear

FullSizeRender copy

Hey girlies 💗!!!

How are you guys?? I’ve been ok if you’re wondering… I’m writing this post to update you guys on my life and reasons I might not be able to blog as often. Monday was my first day of my senior year in high-school and let me tell you, it’s only the second day buti’m already stressed with the amount of work and stuff I have for this year. I already know its going to take 85% of my time until the day I graduate, so I just wanted to let you know that I am going to try as hard as I can to post Friday’s and Saturday’s from now on. It makes me so upset but what can I do right??

If you want me to review a specific item or have any ideas, feel free to comment or email me 😊



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