Clean&Clear Day/Night cleansers

Rise & Shine beautiess!! 

About 3 weeks ago, I bought this 2 pack day & night cleanser for my oily skin and acne at Walmart for $8.99. You can buy it seperately but it’s more affordable as the pack. At first it didn’t go so well but now I’m so glad I bought it. Now let’s review! 


The “morning burst” cleanser has bursting beads (hence the name) to scrub that overnight dirt and freshen up that beautiful face. The box claims to have vitamin E , ginseng and citrus fragrance to remove dirt, nourish the skin and wake you up. When I first applied it, it felt like a rush of cool air slapped me in the face at 6am definitely woke me up for school. When I patt dried my face it felt soft,clean & brighter…The first week I was applying it my face started to dry out & flake a lot so I had to moisturize constantly & use it every other day. Once I noticed my face going back to normal I went back to using it everyday. *Just remember to moisturize after every time!!! Extremely important for sensitive skin..* Up until now I really enjoy this morning wash.

Now the “night relaxing” deep cleaning wash definitely deep cleans  when you’re wearing heavy makeup but doesn’t really “wind you down” with its calming aromas/oils as the box states but it does leave your face soft. This cleanser also dried out my face but I did the same as I said above^^ and my face has cleared up from acne, my t-zone doesn’t get as oily as before and it helps my makeup last longer.. 

In conclusion, please don’t forget to moisturizer I never noticed how important it is for skin & I’m just now noticing that not just for wrinkles but to hydrate your skin to prevent oils from being overly produced. I do recommend this for oily skin and once in a while uses for sensitive.. One of my favorite cleansers, enjoy!!!  Yay for my first review!!!😀
Xoxo, Paula 


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