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Happy Wednesday & National lipstick day!💄☀️

Im back after a month full of doubts and regrets😔 How have you guys been? I’ve been ok, enjoying the last bit of my summer break before I start the most exciting year left -SENIOR YEAR!!!!- So, because of that I did some retail therapy over at my favorite place Ulta because I have my senior portraits soon and i decided to do my own makeup. What’s even better was that most of their makeup lines were buy one get one 50% off!!!!!! Obviously I had to splurge💁🏽

Ps- I have not tried these products on my skin yet except the moisturizer. Also, the prices on this haul are without the discount Each product Below $15 originally!! 

(posting reviews soon)


  • NYX HD Concealer Photogenic in CW 06 “Glow”  $4.99

What really caught my attention was the fact it said “HD” and “photogenic”. Ive heard a lot of good reviews about this concealer as it was being compared to the Makeup Forever HD concealer so I decided to give this one a try because it was on the cheaper side. Funny story though, I bought this previously twice in the wrong shades which led to awkward returns and purchases at the same store with the same workers 3 times in one week😂🙈

eyeliner WP

  • NYX Retractable Eyeliner WaterProof in MPE02 “Black” $4.49

I didn’t really do any research on this product really because I needed to restock on eyeliner. It sort of intrigued me though because of its price so I said what the heck..

loose powderloose powder open

  • NYC Smooth Skin loose face powder in 741A “Translucent” $2.79

One lovely day, I was on youtube watching makeup reviews and one popped up for this product. Let’s just say I fell in love with how flawless and smooth the youtubers face looked that I had to buy it THAT day. ( EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!!!) So, I did. Disappointing part though,  I don’t really like the packaging because every time I open it some of the powder falls 😔

IMG_5796 IMG_5797

  • NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in 565 $3.99

I just realized that they don’t have a name for their lipstick…that’s odd…Anyways, as you can tell i’m a little tan and choosing lip colors is really hard for me but this one OMG I can’t believe how natural looking and beautiful it looks! I can’t wait to try it! By the swatch I could tell how buttery it was & pigmented so thats a plus.


  • NYX Natural Shadow Palette $7.49

For this palette, I did do some research because its for my senior portrairs and I wanted to look as natural as possible. It did look awesome when the youtubers reviewed/demoed it. I’m sort of disappointed though 😦 As you can see below, they aren’t as pigmented and feel a little chalky. I havent played with this palette yet, so I really don’t know how well they work out & blend.

pallete swatchIMG_2181

What I did enjoy though is that you can create 2 looks: Day & Night!

powder foundpowder packaging

  • ULTA Double Duty wet&Dry pressed powder foundation in “Warm Tan” $12.50

 This product is by far my favorite, the texture is so soft and sort of buttery but sort of not.. You get me?? What I love about Ulta is that you can swatch products except the drugstore brands. When I swatched this on my jawline it looked so natural my mom didn’t even notice I was wearing anything. This is definitely not for my senior portrait makeup but for sure an everyday school necessity. Even better it was on sale for 5 fricking dollars!! FIVEEEEEE


  • Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer $5.29

Ive been on the hunt for a good but not oily moisturizer & let me tell you I AM IN LOVE!!!! It claims to say “moisturizes dry skin, treats & helps prevent pimples” let me tell you that in fact  it does do everything it says. I say this because it’s almost that time of month and i’ve been using this for about 2 weeks and usually i get a couple pimples near my nose but this month NOTHING, not even a slight red mark NOTHING!!!!

I forgot to include these bad boys in the Ulta haul image but better late than never! Am I right ladies???😂IMG_5798IMG_5671

  • ULTA nail laqcuer (left to right) X-DRY, DARK DENIM, & BASECOAT $6 each

 Ugh, indescribable how much I love this color on my tan skin! Clearly matched my bed comforter hahaha. The x-dry and basecoat made the nail laqcuer last about 2 weeks with 2 coats of the dark denim, which was impressive because I volunteer at an animal clinic so i’m always cleaning & scrubbing. Each of these were on sale for $2

Well ladies what’d ya think for a comeback??? If you want a full review on a certain product mentioned, please let me know! ☺️

Thanks for reading & have an amazing Wednesday/ National lipstick day!




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