Blogging Essentials

blogging essentials

Good afternoon beauties!! ☀️

It’s a sunny day today in Orlando so I thought I would get in a blog before going out😊 Todays post is about my blogging essentials (I am not trying to brag for any reason, these items are things I’ve accumulated over the years as gifts)

Let’s begin!


  • Canon EOS rebel T3 12.2 mp

2 years ago I thought it was a great idea to ask for a camera for my 15th birthday just because everyone had one blah blah blah.. Worst mistake ever till now, only because I used it probably 4 times prior to starting my blog.. No you don’t necessarily need this but if you want good focus & more professional pictures on your blog it’s a good choice. It’s not a brand new 2015 camera but it does still work as good as the new ones. If you’re interested in getting a camera I would suggest this one, in the link it’s more expensive because of a lens it comes with which I don’t recommend yet. FullSizeRender copy 2

  • Forever 21 Hello Kitty notepad 

My dear sister got me a 2 pack of these notepads for my 16th birthday and I never wanted to use them because they were soooo cute! But now I decided to since they were small, travel sized and sort of personal. I keep all my ideas & dates written down as reminders and memories 😊

FullSizeRender (1)

  • Green water bottle Dollar Tree 

Who doesn’t love an afternoon trip to the dollar store???? I can go there everyday & leave the store with a bunch of unnecessary things. I can’t be the only one right? On those long editing days you gotta stay hydrated for extra energy & brain flow.


  • iPhone 6 

A phone is extremely important for me & blogging because you can blog, edit pics, receive updates, most importantly SOCIAL MEDIA😍and check out other bloggers on the go. Doesn’t HAVE to be an iPhone but something in the same range ya know??


  • Dark chocolate “choceur” 

Obviously I had to leave the best for last. A late night snack for long editing nights/days where you can’t even leave your room because you might wake the rest of your family. I purchased this at my local ALDI super market yesterday for $1.20 & let me tell you it’s DELICIOUS❗️❗️


Well my fellow readers that’s it for today💋 If you have any requests or ideas please let me know!!!!




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