Beauty Blogger Award!

  Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!!

So I got nominated for a Beauty Blogger Award by neverfadingelegance , Thank you 😊!

What is a beauty blogger award? I had no idea that even existed but it’s pretty cool. it’s a nomination from someone else where you answer the 10 questions they ask you. After you answer them, you nominate 10 other bloggers with a new set of 10 questions made by you!

Enough rambling lets start.

1.What is one clothing item you could wear again & again?

American Eagle blue ripped jeans

2.Do you prefer silver or gold jewelry?

Silver jewelry

3.When did you start your blog and why?

June 2015, i’ve always had a passion for makeup but it didn’t really hit me until a couple months ago when I was on youtube for 3 days straight watching makeup tutorials and decided I would start to help others who have oily skin like me finding affordable and long lasting products.

4.Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

I don’t really have just one, but I like getting ideas from Kendall/Kylie Jenner outfits

5.What is your favorite beauty item?

At this moment it would be my Maybelline Illegal Length mascara

6.What is your favorite fashion magazine?

I don’t really look into magazines that much so I don’t have a favorite

7.If you could have a $1 million shopping spree in only one store, which store would it be?

Probably Forever 21 hahaha

8.What is one piece of advice you want to give to your followers?

Don’t be scared to let your self out through writing because that’s something i’m still learning

9.What is one fashion mistake you have made that you will definitely never make again?

Cutting my long shirts into crop tops & wearing them in public

10.What is currently at the top of your fashion/beauty wishlist?

Real Technique Brushes

My nominees for this challenge are:

My 10 questions are:

  1. Why did you begin your blog?
  2. Are you content with how your blog has progressed?
  3. What beauty item can you NOT live without?
  4. What is your favorite beauty item at the moment?
  5. What/Who inspires you for new posts?
  6. What would be your tip for new beauty bloggers?
  7. How did you expose your blog?
  8. Other than beauty, what else do you enjoy?
  9. What are your goals for your blog?
  10. What have you learned since making your blog?

Hope you all enjoyed! Good luck to the nominees 🙂




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