Makeup Storage

Makeup storage

Good afternoon lovies hope you’re having a great weekend!!☀️☀️

This post was inspired by a lovely trip I took to Bj’s wholesale Thursday afternoon where I spotted the cutest and very much needed makeup storage ever!!!! I could not take my eyes off of it nor leave the store without it. Guess what’s even better? The price being only $15 for that much storage.


  • Nifty Makeup Carousel $14.99

So, this is what it looks like with all my makeup in it, it’s very easy to move around and grab things. Something really cool about is that it spins around hence the name “carousel”. At Bj’s they had it in silver and a minty color. I noticed that they don’t sell it on the Bj’s website so you can purchase it at your local Bj’s or another website here in 6 different colors. What I loved about this is the amount of space it has for literally everything! In the middle if you have long handle brushes you can place them there. Also, the style of it is modern and looks super classy anywhere you want to place it. My previous makeup storage was a makeup bag and a box 😦 it was impossible to find anything in there. Talk about UPGRADE!!

Changing subjects really quick…. I start my senior year of high-school on Monday! I’m really nervous but anxious to finally leave and move on to the real life and independance. It’s a new school for me cause I just moved to Orlando so I have literally no friends but my cousin who has the same exact name as me “Paula Suarez”. Being hispanics we also have a middle name and an extra last name so that’s the only difference. Sadly, we only have one class together not even lunch 😦  Wish me luck please!!!

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed!!




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