Friday gifts 

 Good afternoon! TGIF😆

I kept my promise of trying super hard to blog on Fridays and Saturdays so here I am.

As I was walking home from the bus stop i spotted the mail man & wondered if I had anything waiting for me…i opened the mail box & BAMM a package!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much melissa meets makeup for your magic hat that chose my name for the giveaway 💗

Let’s begin!

On this lovely Friday & first week of school finally over!!!! I received 2 products from this giveaway.

  • Rimmel London Provocalips 16hr lip color in 200 “I’ll call you”

It was love at first sight for sure. I really liked the application brushes because it’s different from what I own & that it comes with 2 sides, one being the color and the other being step 2 “lock & shine” I sort of already tried it out that’s why the lock & shine looks weird but it’s originally clear and the product has a Vaseline like texture to it. The color is a little liquidy but it dries nicely and not too matte. It’s definitely perfect for the spring time! Later on I’ll try it out and see how long it actually lasts since it claims to be “16hr”

  • Physicians formula organic wear CC mascara in “ultra black” 

This mascara, i’m super excited to try out mostly because it claims to curl and care at the same time. I’m not really sure if it’s waterproof but I really hope so cause I have Asian lashes and can’t use anything other than waterproof. I’m planning a review for this so i’ll stay quiet and not spoil anything…..

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed! Have a makeup filled weekend 😝





ulta haul edit

Happy Wednesday & National lipstick day!💄☀️

Im back after a month full of doubts and regrets😔 How have you guys been? I’ve been ok, enjoying the last bit of my summer break before I start the most exciting year left -SENIOR YEAR!!!!- So, because of that I did some retail therapy over at my favorite place Ulta because I have my senior portraits soon and i decided to do my own makeup. What’s even better was that most of their makeup lines were buy one get one 50% off!!!!!! Obviously I had to splurge💁🏽

Ps- I have not tried these products on my skin yet except the moisturizer. Also, the prices on this haul are without the discount Each product Below $15 originally!! 

(posting reviews soon)


  • NYX HD Concealer Photogenic in CW 06 “Glow”  $4.99

What really caught my attention was the fact it said “HD” and “photogenic”. Ive heard a lot of good reviews about this concealer as it was being compared to the Makeup Forever HD concealer so I decided to give this one a try because it was on the cheaper side. Funny story though, I bought this previously twice in the wrong shades which led to awkward returns and purchases at the same store with the same workers 3 times in one week😂🙈

eyeliner WP

  • NYX Retractable Eyeliner WaterProof in MPE02 “Black” $4.49

I didn’t really do any research on this product really because I needed to restock on eyeliner. It sort of intrigued me though because of its price so I said what the heck..

loose powderloose powder open

  • NYC Smooth Skin loose face powder in 741A “Translucent” $2.79

One lovely day, I was on youtube watching makeup reviews and one popped up for this product. Let’s just say I fell in love with how flawless and smooth the youtubers face looked that I had to buy it THAT day. ( EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!!!) So, I did. Disappointing part though,  I don’t really like the packaging because every time I open it some of the powder falls 😔

IMG_5796 IMG_5797

  • NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in 565 $3.99

I just realized that they don’t have a name for their lipstick…that’s odd…Anyways, as you can tell i’m a little tan and choosing lip colors is really hard for me but this one OMG I can’t believe how natural looking and beautiful it looks! I can’t wait to try it! By the swatch I could tell how buttery it was & pigmented so thats a plus.


  • NYX Natural Shadow Palette $7.49

For this palette, I did do some research because its for my senior portrairs and I wanted to look as natural as possible. It did look awesome when the youtubers reviewed/demoed it. I’m sort of disappointed though 😦 As you can see below, they aren’t as pigmented and feel a little chalky. I havent played with this palette yet, so I really don’t know how well they work out & blend.

pallete swatchIMG_2181

What I did enjoy though is that you can create 2 looks: Day & Night!

powder foundpowder packaging

  • ULTA Double Duty wet&Dry pressed powder foundation in “Warm Tan” $12.50

 This product is by far my favorite, the texture is so soft and sort of buttery but sort of not.. You get me?? What I love about Ulta is that you can swatch products except the drugstore brands. When I swatched this on my jawline it looked so natural my mom didn’t even notice I was wearing anything. This is definitely not for my senior portrait makeup but for sure an everyday school necessity. Even better it was on sale for 5 fricking dollars!! FIVEEEEEE


  • Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer $5.29

Ive been on the hunt for a good but not oily moisturizer & let me tell you I AM IN LOVE!!!! It claims to say “moisturizes dry skin, treats & helps prevent pimples” let me tell you that in fact  it does do everything it says. I say this because it’s almost that time of month and i’ve been using this for about 2 weeks and usually i get a couple pimples near my nose but this month NOTHING, not even a slight red mark NOTHING!!!!

I forgot to include these bad boys in the Ulta haul image but better late than never! Am I right ladies???😂IMG_5798IMG_5671

  • ULTA nail laqcuer (left to right) X-DRY, DARK DENIM, & BASECOAT $6 each

 Ugh, indescribable how much I love this color on my tan skin! Clearly matched my bed comforter hahaha. The x-dry and basecoat made the nail laqcuer last about 2 weeks with 2 coats of the dark denim, which was impressive because I volunteer at an animal clinic so i’m always cleaning & scrubbing. Each of these were on sale for $2

Well ladies what’d ya think for a comeback??? If you want a full review on a certain product mentioned, please let me know! ☺️

Thanks for reading & have an amazing Wednesday/ National lipstick day!